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Article: Staying Active During the Winter Break

Woman running in athleisurewear

Staying Active During the Winter Break

The Christmas season in Ireland often derails even the most dedicated fitness routines. Shorter days, cold weather, and busy social calendars can make staying active difficult. But we all know keeping moving and eating a balanced diet is key for managing stress and continuing to feel your best during the festive season.

Make Time for Mini Workouts

Can’t fit in hour-long sessions? That’s okay! Short 10-15 minute workouts still make an impact. Do a quick yoga flow after waking up, try bodyweight exercises like squats and push-ups or brave the cold and go for a brisk walk during your lunch break. Moving for even a few minutes helps relieve stress.

Take Advantage of Daylight Hours

Schedule workouts earlier in your day before it gets dark. Get outside for fresh air when you can, even if it’s freezing cold! Remember if you go for a walk at dusk or dusk wear reflective gear so you can still exercise safely. Don’t let early sunsets deter you!

Make It Social

Recruit friends, family and colleagues to join you for activities. Having a social component and accountability buddy makes fitness more motivational and fun!

Incorporate Activity into Events

Suggest going ice skating or checking out the Christmas lights for a walk after dinner to soak in both social time and physical activity. Heading to the pub? Walk there and back. Dancing counts too, so cut up a rug!

Enjoy your Favourite Foods

Food is meant to nourish and satisfy, give yourself permission to savour your favourites mindfully. Focus on how eating primarily nutrient-rich foods makes you feel good overall. Then when you crave something more decadent, see it as a conscious choice to enjoy, not a mistake. Life is meant to be flexible, by eating intuitively you can find balance. Food is neither good nor bad - it's how you approach it that matters.

Be Realistic But Consistent

Perfection isn’t the goal - even if your activity levels fluctuate. Listen to your body and allow rest as needed. But strive to maintain some level of movement daily, even on busy days. Remind yourself how good being active makes you feel.

Woman running in the Winter

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