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From Dye to Design

Discover our founder Jane's seasonal process for garment design.

Our Signature Fabrics & Colourways

At Trendy and Bendy, our signature fabrics and dyes are developed in-house each season under the direction of our creative director Jane to create one-of-a-kind colourways and textiles to reflect each season's aesthetic. As each new season approaches, Jane carefully curates a selection of on-trend Pantone shades that will form the colour palette for the coming months.

We start with rolls of white fabric, to which we meticulously apply our proprietary dyes in Jane's chosen hues. Our dying process takes up to 30 days, with Jane closely overseeing each step. The fabrics then undergo rigorous quality control testing for colorfastness and softness to meet Trendy & Bendy's exacting standards. Only once the fabrics are approved do they get sent to our manufacturers for production into our season's leggings, sweaters, hoodies and more, which takes an additional 30 days.

Sample day is a day we always look forward to as we finally receive the samples to test and try before full production begins. Key details like our leggings' curved waistband are specially engineered not just for comfort and function, but to flatter figures and stay in place as intended. Unlike many brands, we never simply select fabrics from a catalogue. By monitoring every step of development from seasonal dyeing to garment design, we ensure that every Trendy & Bendy piece is imbued with the spirit of the season while meeting our criteria for luxury, comfort and style.

We understand our customers enjoy apparel as unique as they are.