How to keep Fit & Healthy over Christmas!

Christmas may well be the most magical time of the year for us all but its definitely without doubt the hardest time to keep to a gym time table and eat healthy.  December is full of temptations and can easily make the most avid gym bunny and devoted health- conscious eater tumble off the wagon, so here are a few tips that I try to follow. 

1. Get your water in!

2.5 litres of water is what we are meant to be drinking on a daily basis.  I am not the best water drinker, l but I do find drinking warm water and a slice of lemon first thing in the morning really helps. This is something that I used to do on a daily basis but over the last few months I stopped.  I started this again only last week and feel the benefits already. Firstly, I feel less groggy and my skin looks slightly more radiant and prone to less breakouts. I would suggest purchasing a Contigo bottle ( which you can get in the store) definitely helps.  It has water measurements on the side and so you can gauge how much you are drinking.  I tend just to sip throughout the day instead of punishing myself with having to gulp 1/2 litre at one time 4 times a day! ( apparently sipping is better for you anyhow).

2. Gym sessions.

This is something that definitely changes for me this time of year, with Christmas shopping for the kids, parties and cold weather it makes me far less motivated to go the the gym. I have recently started doing Hiit classes which gets me moving and motivated. They are 45 mins long so not too long/ short and I have noticed a big difference in my core from doing these classes.  I also recommend 1/2 pilates classes a week.  Pilates is my favourite exercise and although it does not burn fat it tones your whole body and you get a leaner and more defined look on your arms and legs as well as a stronger core. (and you get to lay down and close your eyes!).

3.  Healthy snacking.  

When the cold weather hits I find I eat more and crave more wholesome foods and snacks. I always start the day with a decent breakfast.  I think porridge is the best.  I add seeds, nuts and fresh fruit and almond butter most mornings and that keeps me going.  I also to carry a mix of nuts around with me, which I find, is a great quick fix.  

4. Supplements.

I wasn't a great supplement fan until I discovered the Bodyism supplement range. My favourite supplement from their range is the Body Brilliance supplement. This is an all-natural vegan protein and fibre chocolate shake. It is made from super greens, minerals, energising herbs, fruit and vegetables. I find this great as an afternoon drink when the afternoon slump kicks in. I put one scoop in a blender and mix with frozen pineapple and coconut water.  It tastes delicious just like a chocolate milkshake and super for rehydration!

Hope you enjoy these tips!