We've All Done It! - how to avoid ruining your brand new Designer Gym Gear

We've all done it. We've hurriedly and haphazardly thrown our laundry in the machine, only to pull it out later to find our favourite jumper ruined. Fitness gear needs the same love and care as our most loved pieces, so here's some tips to ensure you get the most out of your quality workout gear.

Read washing instructions!

This is the golden rule to all new and unfamiliar labels. Different fabrics require specific laundry care, and if you want to assure the longevity of your gym gear, follow the guidelines. I personally put all my machine washable gym clothing on a cold cycle, as water causes elastic to weaken, break and shrink. Some leggings, like our fab Lilybods, don't do well with machine washes, so always take special care of reading labels.

Avoid fabric softener.

You might be thinking that you need fabric softener to make your gym gear smell fresh, but alas- you could be causing more harm than good! Fabric softener  makes it harder to remove sweat and odours, which causes a nasty build up. Leave your gym gear in a vinegar and water solution for 15 minutes before washing, and I promise you'll never have an issue with odours again.

Wash leggings after every gym use.

Another golden rule. The nylon in your leggings holds the odour causing bacteria, which feeds off sweat and clogs pores. Wash your leggings after every gym session to ensure you'll have no skin breakouts or rashes.


Zips can cause fraying and pilling, so always put any clothing with zips in an old pillow case.

And never ever tumble dry!  Take proper care of your gym gear, and I will guarantee it'll take proper care of you.