The Future is Bright

We are moving towards the “go to” legging brand  for women all over Ireland and beyond’.  We listen to our customers and we try to deliver the best quality pieces for them, providing consultation and excellent customer service. 
We spent over two years researching the fabric for our leggings, stress testing them and working with our manufacturers to make sure they are the best in the market.  Customers who buy them always come back and become devoted to the quality that is our brand.  I just love talking to customers about our leggings, and I get a great sense of achievement when they buy them…we have added the title “legging consultants” to our titles 😊.  
There is a lot of competition in this space but we are up for the challenge as we truly believe in our products. 
What makes our leggings stand out from the rest…it’s simple, they do what you want your leggings to do!   Our leggings sculpt you, they are squat proof and they make you feel good in your own skin.  They do not ROLL, they hide lumps and bumps and they keep their shape and wash so well.  There is no box left unticked when it comes to our leggings. 
As we look ahead to our A/W collection (which I might add is fab 👌🏻) we continue to try to reinvent ourselves, look for opportunities to grow our brand and build on our customer base.  We have lots of work to do and we have lots of exciting news coming soon - so watch this space!