How to style your Hoodie!

So this year we have introduced our very first hoodie sets, they come in black & purple plus a gorgeous blue sweater set...  We just love sets, how easy are they to wear? 
You can pop them on and look fabulous without having to decide what will match or go with them, there's no outfit planning required!  They are a win win!
I personally love them for traveling, either on a road trip around Ireland or when I'm travelling abroad, they are effortless and oh so comfortable.
Our hoodies are made using the most amazing comfortable and soft organic cotton fabrics, we designed every detail so that they will look gorgeous no matter what your hair, skin or eye colour!  We have a colour that will work for you.
Our purple Hanna hoodie (which is coming in White very soon!), is named after my daughter Hanna, who is nearly 10, she loves that she has a hoodie named after her, but she tells me her favourite colour is actually black!... You can't win!  
The great thing about a hoodie is you can style it in so many ways, they can be worn under a blazer, with a blouse under them, with leggings, jeans, shorts or bikers... They are such a versatile piece and we all should have a good quality one in our wardrobe.    The black Gabriella Hoodie is beautiful and the great thing about black is it can be worn any time of the year, it works in winter and summer... who doesn't think black shows up our summer tans?!  This hoodie has a full zip, so it can be worn easily in the evenings over the shoulders during the summer when you're away or it's snug enough to wear when holidaying in Ireland on those cold summer days.  The Gabriella Hoodie with its full zip is also great if you're breastfeeding, teamed with one of our Ali compression leggings, it's the perfect post pregnancy outfit.
Here's a few of my favourite images on how you can style your hoodie.  
Yvonne x
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